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Kamis, 22 November 2012

I love you?

I don’t think I have to prove anything to you
You don’t have to prove yourself to me either
I’ve been consulting with my ego and feeling lately
It’s good to hear their opinions, about you, and most importantly about me
I decide not to give any opinion
My ego often laughs
My feeling often cries
But there are times when my ego is the one who cries and my feeling is the one who laughs
And that is O.K.
I feel more human than ever
I feel so fuckin’ alive
Even though it might not be in a good way
So here is the decision that my ego and feeling have made for me:
I will not deny anything anymore
I will face it and fuck it, whatever it is
I will not run, simply because I couldn’t
And let me, with all of my love, flip you my middle finger.

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